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Top Granito offers a complete range of services, from choosing the material based on the individual creative wishes and ideas of the client and nature’s own design to the quality control of each phase of the production, including intelligent packing and transport


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Top Granito works in close collaboration with a complete range of experts. We deliver the best quality of blocks and slabs, and we also have a complete range of finished products in natural stones.

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For more than 20 years, Top Granito has been situated in the largest center of natural stone production in the world, Verona, Italy. Top Granito has an extensive experience in providing many unique and exclusive solutions to suit our different customer segments. From a tight collaboration with our customers, architects, construction teams and local merchants in the stone business, we develop and deliver the solution best suited for our customers. We work closely together with the experts and can deliver some of the best services in the business. Top Granito has a wide range of professional and international suppliers, which gives us the possibility of choosing the right supplier of the right material in the quality and at the price level requested by our customers.


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